Breaking Bread

Agriculture.  Food.  Community.  At first these things seem disjointed.  However, I fiercely believe food should be experienced around a table of friends.  With this blog I intend to share my journey of preparing and cooking organic and locally grown food as well as the adventure of treking through life in community.

Last night my church, also known as the Onion, celebrated Christmas through song, liturgy, food, and story.  Before everyone came, I asked for each member to bring something from their pantry; goods such as salt, sugar, flour, and butter.  I had a bowl laying out on the table and instructed everyone to pour in their ingredient.  Once mixed I put the glob of goo into the oven and it came out as bread.

We poured of ourselves into the bread, prepared it together, and took of it together in communion around the table.  It was a holy moment but also a symbolic one.  God wrapped herself in skin and sent her son to the world to stand in solidarity with creation, to suffer with her people.  As we took of the bread we pledge to stand alongside humanity and and all of creation and promise to be a part of the hope and love that God has given to the world.

Well, these are my thoughts for today!  I am technologically inept; thus, I have plans to put up helpful journal articles and websites to aid in your understanding and knowledge of meals and shopping locally for food but it may take a little while before I can get them all posted!



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